When a challenge arises, the first path to a solution should be the most effective one. For challenges in IT, that is where we come in.

Here at Everest, we combine a management team of superior business IT understanding with a highly qualified and fully vetted team of IT professionals. This combination provides us with a uniform approach to overcoming any challenge: understanding the challenge, planning the most effective solution, and executing efficiently in order to achieve the most successful outcome.

With an array of services provided, these are a few for which our clients turn to us:

Retail IT Services

We enable our clients to capitalize on retail trends, embrace opportunities and manage implementation challenges. Our clients are large global retailers demanding global services. We stay ahead of retail trends to enable advisory capabilities in the following emerging areas:

  • Omni-channel & Channel-less strategies
  • Integration of systems across channels
  • Highly automated distribution centers
  • Fulfillment and delivery strategies

Staff Augmentation

It is one thing to promise to get a job done right the first time. It is, however, a very different thing to rise up to that challenge and deliver time and time again. Clients turn to Everest because our first and foremost promise is to fully understand their needs and to then comply with the right people to get the job done - correctly, the first time. This manner of thought targets success for each and every project, no matter its size or complexity. It is an approach in sync with the demands of today's fast-paced IT environment - an environment in which room for error is non-existent and roadblocks must be overcome quickly. That is our road to success.

Solutions tailored to individual needs. Contract IT. Contracts-to-hire. Permanent placement. We provide whatever it is our clients need.

We set high standards for ourselves. Each and every Everest employee embodies the core qualities of this company. With experience, expertise, and professionalism at the top of that list, we take great pride in hiring only the very best.

We keep up. The very definition of today's business is change, and rapid change at that. Infusing talent with a strategic mix of fixed costs and variable cost resources is what we are here to do, regardless of project size, time frame, or budget.

We give solutions. Not new problems. A client may require a single person with a very specific skill set or a broad group of varying experts to help augment a team. We ensure that what the client wants is what the client gets, without tagalong side problems. Just tell us what you need, then kick back and consider it done.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Everest consultants combine specialized software testing skills with deep domain expertise to test your Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Desktop Applications and Legacy Systems. QA/Testing is one of the most important functions in information technology, and it is a leading focus area at Everest. We assist our clients in:

  • Functional Testing - Thorough test coverage and consistent execution lets our teams uncover and correct functional issues that improve quality and overall customer experience.
  • Performance Testing - We execute large scale performance tests that will validate the scalability and performance of your applications.
  • Regression Testing - We optimize the regression testing process and focus on completeness to make sure that there are no issues left behind.

Everest QA consultants are masters of their specialty. They are experts in manual and automated testing for projects of various sizes, and use a variety of third party testing tools. Because of the wealth of experience we have in this specialty, we have been able to partner with our clients on several projects, allowing them to re-assign their internal staff to other project areas such as analysis, design or development, while they remain fully confident in our team’s ability to deliver a completely vetted project that’s ready to run.

Performance Testing

How does your site stack up against the competion?

At Everest, we have been providing performance testing services for over 12 years. We can load test your e-Commerce site, mobile or enterprise applications with realistic user simulation with unparalleled scale using our dedicated load driving cloud. In addition, we work with your team to analyze results, pinpoint bottlenecks and provide expert tuning advice. Let us help you find performance problems in your application before your customers do.

Fixed Cost Projects

Our approach incorporates flexibility and a solid understanding of methodologies into a focus on defining and aligning business requirements to create optimal system designs. This allows us to meet aggressive developmental schedules without compromising either business requirements or systems quality. Not only do we work with a superior knowledge of traditional platforms, we also carry vast amounts of experience in mobile computing as well as wireless, handheld, and embedded systems development.

Offshore Services

Today’s dynamic and highly competitive landscape often requires businesses to tap into the affordable and efficient global talent pool. We can help our clients outsource to our offshore talent and teams that we have confirmed as fit to be top-quality resources.

Beyond talent, we offer clients something they rarely receive, namely true transparency and cultural management. This eliminates the common complaint of being kept in a "utilization black box" - clients having little to no knowledge of how their resources and finances are being utilized. With Everest, clients always know what is going on beyond their primary point of contact. From talent usage to accumulation, cultural influences to professional differences, our clients trust us to know where they stand at all times.

Everest's model is developed to tailor solutions and project environments to our clients' needs. Whether new to outsourcing or looking to take existing strategy to the next level, we get our clients there with the design, development, and management needed in outsourced projects.