Everest Technologies recognizes the value in developing strategic partnerships that align with our company goals and enhance our ability to deliver best of breed services to our clients. Our partners give Everest a competitive advantage by delivering services that compliment our success-driven strategic approach.


Neotys is the maker of NeoLoad, a load testing software solution designed for Web and Rich Internet applications,. Neoload has enjoyed excellent market acceptance since its first release in 2005. It is an easy-to-use, cost effective load testing solution requiring no scripting. Its advanced features and scalability enable users to create realistic test scenarios for complex applications while closely monitoring multiple servers. NeoLoad supports the latest technologies including: Java, .NET, PHP, J2EE, SOAP, Ajax, Flex, Flash, Air, GWT, Silverlight, SAP Web, Oracle Forms, etc. The latest release includes support for push technologies, is mobile enabled and cloud integrated.

Platform Lab

Platform Lab was founded by TechColumbus and the Ohio Supercomputer Center, two non-profit organizations, in 2001 and was initially funded by the Ohio Department of Development. Platform Lab provides a competitive advantage to our clients by offering scalable on-demand infrastructure and bandwidth for performance testing and other projects. Everest has partnered with Platform Lab on a variety of engagements, including website load testing, application testing, quality assurance testing and proof-of-concept testing.